We are Victorious Youth


Through providing creative educational resources, Victorious Youth Program is dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of scholars, parents and caregivers in King County. Creating a safe and inclusive community for scholars and parents with disabilities, or critical health concerns, is how we make a difference. 

There's a young boy here with five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that with this huge crowd?

Jesus will always multiply the little we have, but He can only increase what’s in His hands. Whether big or small, never underestimate what He qualifies as worthy to reveal his glory and empower others. Jesus can use any of us!

Our Area of Focus

Victorious Youth Program provides scholars and families with bi-monthly gatherings. These gatherings include both in-person or virtual educational seminars and creative events.

Our events include guest speakers, and interactive activities dedicated to advancing the well-being of our village. We aim to provide scholars, parents, and caretakers with the tools to live victorious lives.

Our area of focus includes, but isn’t limited to:

For Parents or Caregivers

It takes a village to fully support your scholar’s personal development. Victorious Youth can provide resources such as:

We value the concerns of parents and caregivers. Through frequent surveys and seasonal 1:1 meetings, the Victorious Youth Program team creates strategies to meet you and your scholars needs.

By providing these services, Victorious Youth Program seeks to ensure an inclusive community for parents and caregivers too.

For Scholars

The health and well-being of our youth is our top priority. We provide our scholars with resources such as: