We are Victorious Youth

Capacity Building: Aims to achieve excellence by promoting continuous quality improvement through educational opportunities that enhance skills and knowledge in business operations, finance and compliance, fair research, and evaluation.

Community Level Engagement: Involves authentic participation of African Americans and other communities that are most affected by institutional racism in decision-making with educational systems through power-sharing. This includes a strategic plan that outlines objectives and corresponding timelines for execution.

Family Level Engagement: Providing opportunities for parents or guardians, who are their child’s first teachers, to collaborate on their child’s positive aspects and advocate for partnerships with schools and administrations. This partnership enables power-sharing and joint decision-making between parents, guardians, scholars, schools, and administration.

Developing Cultural Identity: Involves Scholars acknowledging the stories and contributions of all communities to realize their full potential, enabling them to shape their distinct identities with their chosen values, beliefs, and goals.

Engaging with System Policy: Ensuring fairness in policies, reviewing and revising strategies to support Black and Brown Scholars, and enforcing accountability through hiring and funding practices in communities.

Youth Leadership Development: Creates a safe and encouraging environment for Scholar leadership teams to embrace intergenerational learning. Youth are empowered to lead with a voice to dismantle and eliminate anti-Blackness, cultivating courageous conversations to promote Black excellence.

African American Dad teaches his little girl to make cookies by watching how to do it on laptop

Our curriculum model is provided by our partners at the Liberated Village

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