We are Victorious Youth

Victorious Youth Program

Leading towards a victorious life.

Serving King County WA | Est. 2023

We create curriculum, learning and teaching tools to address systematic racism and provide  pathways to promote health and wellness for scholars and their families, especially those facing chronic illness and disabilities.

Helping Scholars and Parents in King County, WA

We are Victorious Youth Program! Get the right care from the people who care

We strive to connect those impacted by ongoing health challenges, as well as learning strategies to help communities achieve a victorious life.

What Are The Victorious Youth Program Values?

Our pathway towards a successful life

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Here at Victorious Youth we stand by our values.

Inclusion • We are a village. Our village is stronger when every member can freely express their diverse interests, concerns, and points of view.

Empowerment • We serve scholars and families from historically disempowered communities. We believe that providing educational opportunities enables families to build new skills and gain agency. Knowledge is power!

Mutual Support • We foster connections among people throughout our program, in order to strengthen appreciation for the Liberated Village. We encourage parents and scholars to discover and utilize our provided resources that best meet their needs.

Living in Place • We believe that the Liberated Village benefits from ongoing dialogue about our region’s environmental, economic, and social issues. Such dialogue develops our understanding of the place where we live and deepens our commitment to sustaining each other.

Community • We believe that the Liberated Village has much to teach and learn from other communities worldwide. We value the interplay of ideas among people seeking to live in harmony with each other in the Liberated Village.

Hope & Faith • We believe achieving a victorious life requires hope in a brighter future. Our faith in God, and mission to serve scholars and families, advances the vitality of communities at large.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this program cost me?

Victorious Youth Program is completely FREE for residents of King County, WA. Unfortunately, this program is not available to any other counties in Washington nor any other states.

How’s the application process to become a scholar?

Our application process is quite easy, only taking minutes. Plus, the process of reviewing eligibility is efficient. We can get you started soon!

How old must you be to join this program?

In accordance with the Liberated Village guidelines, the Victorious Youth Program serves scholars between the ages of 10–24 years old.

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